Parallel Universe

After 20 years in Beardsly’s mother’s basement . . . parallel universes have been seen! Finally, you can map their world’s progress and advancement which is parallel to your movements and actions.  Get your own map today.

The basement isn’t that far off – we are a Son & Mother team @ Incandescence Studios.  Buy our game, please support indie developers. Lots more ideas are hidden in the MAN CAVE!

– Retro pixelated graphics
– Our own retro Chiptune background music
– Freedom to choose the size of your world – small, average or big and how fast your world will progress – slow, medium or fast
– Builds things – simple world construction mirroring your daily life
– Develop and save your map of your parallel universe and when bored, start over with a new random world

Pan – View the map of your parallel world by sliding your finger on the screen
Pinch Zoom – Get the big picture or a detailed view of your world
Double Tap – After checking out different areas of your map, double tap the screen to center on your character again.

Stuff to watch for . . .
Location Services must be turned on and Permissions granted.  It can only find you if you have a 3G or Wi-Fi connection.  Accuracy of roads increases the more you interact with this app.  Time flies while you watch your map; when you don’t, time flows per your selection.  To preserve battery life, syncing only occurs at your chosen intervals, when the app is on.

Parallel Universe in the App Store