Bell Spectrum

Escape the linear boundary of past musical expression and discover an unparalleled amount of freedom with Bell Spectrum – an innovative way to play music!
Easy to ring, rewarding to master, always entertaining.

– Complete customization
– Simple to perform
– Expansive collection of 74 bells, ranging from C2 to C8
– Real handbell features
– Tremendous value

Change the way we interact with music. Using “Be Creative” mode, design original note layouts. Pick the location you want the note(s) to go and label your assignments. Play more than one note at a time, chords and even complete octaves with one finger. With the iPhone or iPod Touch, choose your play style based on your mood – tap or swing. With the iPad, you can tap your selections. Your bell spectral set ups are automatically saved for quick future encore concerts.

Choose either "Be Quick" or "Be Creative"SIMPLE TO PERFORM
Easily ring bells like a Master, just tap or swing your device. Breeze through the “How To” screens to discover bell ringing tips. With “Be Quick” mode, all your notes are pre-assigned in the key of C, more than 2 octaves for the iPhone/iPod Touch and 6 octaves for the iPad. Create your own music, perform for others – ring a solo, a duet or a trio. Play an impromptu concert ANYTIME . . . ANYWHERE.

This is the largest range of rich, pure handbell tones available for the App Store. Contrast 13 tables, 26 pads, several trucks full of cases and 74 bells with the small space that mobile devices occupy in your hand. Hear the ping of the high C8 with the bong of the low C2 simultaneously.

You have precise control over sustaining a note (allowing the sound to die naturally) or dampening a note (stopping the sound instantly). In a handbell choir, bells are often re-arranged in a unique order advantageous for a particular piece; this concept has been perfected, allowing you to ring or tap an entire piece without breaking tempo. Utilizing multi-touch allows multiple bells to be rung with ease. Bell Spectrum transforms your device into the closest thing to a real bell.

The minimal price of this App buys you $60,000 worth of bells and their necessary equipment.

Potential side effects of enjoying this App:
– Picking up good tintinnabulations
– Learning to read music
– Forgetting that your device is not a real bell

Belltastic ballads by both bell beginners and bronze bellmasters
Close your eyes and grab the 74 bells in your hand.
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